Connect your enterprise data and gain visibility into every corner of your business

A best-of-breed strategy involves choosing software that’s best of its kind and integrating them. This strategy allows you to keep the systems you’ve used to become great by connecting all your data to gain company wide visibility.

With DECK DecisionWare centered in your current environment, you don’t need to involve system integration, data warehousing, or worry about data integrity.

Integrating your best-of-breed with DECK DecisionWare provides:


with predictive analytics and drill down capabilities to tabular view.

In-tool visual query builder
that anyone can use, no technical knowledge needed.

Enterprise reporting
both scheduled and ad-hoc.

Push and pull information
to and from stand-alone applications while maintaining a single source of truth.

Workflow engine
that is BPMn 2.0 compliant.

User Access Control List (ACL)
making it a company wide solution with access to data applicable to individual roles.

Keep your investment
in your current system and replace them one-by-one when needed.

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