Contextual Collaboration

The way that organizations are communicating with its employees, customer and other external stakeholders are changing. Increase employee and customer engagement with contextual collaboration

How DECK DecisionWare is driving the social enterprise

Social newsfeed for employee engagement

Employees that are efficiently informed of various activates around the organization are likely to be more engaged. Via the social newsfeed, important information can easily be distributed through the company as a whole, or to the right teams. Employees can get a glimpse see what’s going on across the organization, from the announcement of John’s birthday to the new task just assigned to your team.

Social collaboration that's contextual

With DECK DecisionWare you’ll keep the right people informed with the information that truly matters to them. Share specific information such as dashboards, queries and reports with a select user or user group. From there, add notes right in DECK DecisionWare, attached to the data, for effective collaboration and future references, DECK Collaboration keeps the conversations contextual.

Deliver value through stakeholder portals

With DECK DecisionWare you can extend user accounts to groups external to your organization such as customers, clients, brokers, vendors, suppliers, board members or any stakeholder. The information and data accessible to them is completely based on your specific business needs but this provides you with the benefit of seamless service to any external stakeholder group.

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About the Developers

DECK DecisionWare is built and maintained by Spieker Point Inc. in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. In 2011 we started the development of DECK DecisionWare with the goal of providing extensive core functionality, without limitations to customization found with commercial-off-the-shelf products. Allowing our customers to get exactly what they need to excel in their market.

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