DECK Widget

A “widget” is what holds a picture of your data. Visualizing your data is key in understanding it. It puts the data into perspective, makes relationships and patterns easy to spot, and results in quicker and more informed decisions.

Your data visualized is your data understood


You can now easily expose demographics (a specific age, profession and marital status) of your customers who purchase a particularly profitable product. This helps you carefully target marketing material.


Layer in external data, such as weather or the price of oil, for correlations with your utilization level or profitably. This helps identify outside factors influencing your business, giving better predictability internally if the external factors are about to change.


Easily spot the customers who aren’t preforming like the rest. Perhaps there’s a certain product they aren’t purchasing compared to other similar customers. Quickly identifying those customers to your sales desk gives your sales staff the information they need to effectively up-sell and cross-sell.

Key Features in DECK Widget


Drill Downs

The interactive charts allows you to drill down where there is layered data.

Drag and Drop

Arrange your dashboard any way you like by simply dragging and dropping.


The widgets are completely configurable, from the timeframe or other variables that you want displayed.

Multiple Visualizations

The same widget can be displayed in multiple charts by simply turning the widget over.

Additional DECK Plugins


{Your Plugin Here}

Wish there was extra functionality within DECK DecisionWare in order to make it a complete solution for you? Tell us about it! We provide custom plugins for our customers all the time and it’s how we marry our product offering with our service offering of custom software development.

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About the Developers

DECK DecisionWare is built and maintained by Spieker Point Inc. in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. In 2011 we started the development of DECK DecisionWare with the goal of providing extensive core functionality, without limitations to customization found with commercial-off-the-shelf products. Allowing our customers to get exactly what they need to excel in their market.

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