DECK Dashboard

DECK Dashboard is the tangible component to your now united and connected business. It’s the command deck from where everyone can take direction for empowered day-to-day activities.

One centralized location for your entire business

Key Features of DECK Dashboard


The elements placed on the dashboard are customizable, meaning that the user is able to arrange the display elements in whatever way and any size that makes sense to them.

Persisting Dashboards

The system will remember the arrangement of the elements on the different devices that the user logs in with: a desktop/laptop browser vs. a tablet vs. a mobile device.

Role Based

As DECK DecisionWare is a company wide tool, the DECK Dashboard will contain drastically different information based on your role. Further discussed in DECK Security.

Mobile Friendly

You are always on the go and DECK DecisionWare is right there with you, responsive and easy to use on any device.

Virtual Dashboards

DECK Dashboard allows you to keep multiple dashboards containing different information and layouts, also referred to as virtual dashboards .


Share and Subscribe

Share a dashboard with a certain user or user group.  As this user group subscribes, everyone sees the same dashboard for optimum collaboration.

Additional DECK Plugins


{Your Plugin Here}

Wish there was extra functionality within DECK DecisionWare in order to make it a complete solution for you? Tell us about it! We provide custom plugins for our customers all the time and it’s how we marry our product offering with our service offering of custom software development.

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About the Developers

DECK DecisionWare is built and maintained by Spieker Point Inc. in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. In 2011 we started the development of DECK DecisionWare with the goal of providing extensive core functionality, without limitations to customization found with commercial-off-the-shelf products. Allowing our customers to get exactly what they need to excel in their market.

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