What is DECK DecisionWare?

DECK DecisionWare is the one operations management platform you need for connecting all of your data to transform information into insights, and putting it in the hands of the right people at the right time.

Our instances of DECK DecisionWare, branded MSH Aviator, provides visibility into our operations and it’s a key tool for our competitive advantage.

Philippe de Dreuzy

President and CEO, MSH INTERNATIONAL (Canada)


DECK DecisionWare has a robust set of functionality within its core, a number of optional plugins, and the ability to extend any of its features. It’s a platform that provides the functionality of a product and the flexibility of a custom solution.


{Your Plugin Here}

Wish there was extra functionality within DECK DecisionWare in order to make it a complete solution for you? Tell us about it! We provide custom plugins for our customers all the time and it’s how we marry our product offering with our service offering of custom software development.

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About the Developers

DECK DecisionWare is built and maintained by Spieker Point Inc. in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. In 2011 we started the development of DECK DecisionWare with the goal of providing extensive core functionality, without limitations to customization found with commercial-off-the-shelf products. Allowing our customers to get exactly what they need to excel in their market.

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