DECK Workflow

Automating and optimizing your business processes provides consistency within your service or product while improving organizational efficiencies. Rather than opting for a solution with a workflow based on best-practices, DECK Workflow adheres to your exact process and sets your organization up for success.

Keep the exact business process you’ve used to become great



By automating your workflow, you now know how long a certain task should take, how many tasks your department handles in a day, etc, making your productivity much more predictable.

Improved Productivity

When each employee knows exactly what’s expected of them, they hold a higher standard of accountability and productivity improves.


Reduce Errors

By automating your business process, you prevent things from falling through the cracks and manual errors by implementing stopgap measures where needed.

Measurable Results

You can easily identify if a person, department, or other variables aren’t performing as expected.

Parallel Split

Automatically escalades the inquiries to management when certain thresholds are met.


Data Flow

Ensures information automatically gets directed to the right applications.

Key Features in DECK Workflow


BPMn 2.0

DECK Workflow lets you upload your BPMn 2.0. file, where you’ve mapped, and leaned out your business process. DECK Workflow becomes the enforcer of your process, by linking the objects to actions.


As your business grows your workflow might need to evolve. Any changes, modifications or expansions are easily updated in DECK Workflow.

Additional DECK Plugins


{Your Plugin Here}

Wish there was extra functionality within DECK DecisionWare in order to make it a complete solution for you? Tell us about it! We provide custom plugins for our customers all the time and it’s how we marry our product offering with our service offering of custom software development.

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About the Developers

DECK DecisionWare is built and maintained by Spieker Point Inc. in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. In 2011 we started the development of DECK DecisionWare with the goal of providing extensive core functionality, without limitations to customization found with commercial-off-the-shelf products. Allowing our customers to get exactly what they need to excel in their market.

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